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Est. 1991

Sharon Sartori
ARBA Registrar - #RR347

American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
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Secretary:   Central CT Rabbit Breeders Assoc.
Secretary:   New England Dutch Rabbit Club
Last updated on Sept. 14, 2008

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About Me...

       Starlight Rabbitry is a small rabbitry located in Connecticut. I raise Dutch and Jersey Woolies. In Dutch, I specialize in Blacks and Blues. In Jersey Woolies, I specialize in Chestnuts, Opals, Black Otters, Blue Otters, and Brokens.

       I first started raising rabbits in 1991 for a school project. I attended a Vocational Agriculture High School and we had to do a project for 4 years. After you graduate high school, you could choose to get rid of your project. I decided I wanted to raise rabbits. I saw an ad in my local paper and called it. A lady by the name of Dawn Bradshaw helped me out and I got a pair of Dutch from her on loan. She later gave me the doe. They weren't the greatest but at that time I was just doing this for the grade. But I started going to shows and I learned about other breeds, how to show them, all the show rules, etc. I fell in love with the breed and all the people at the shows. I started to show my own rabbits in 1992.

       I graduated from high school in 1995 and I continued to raise and show Dutch rabbits. I didn't want to stop because I enjoyed the people at the shows and I loved having my rabbits. My parents allowed me to keep them and I slowly increased my herd. In 1995, I started raising Jersey Woolies. I love showing rabbits because occassionally I get a nice one and that makes it worth while. I continue to meet very knowledgable people and have made countless friends from around the country.