~My Dutch Bucks~

Blacks Blues Opals

Star's Elijah

Born:   May 31, 2005

Sire:   Bergene's - 4B18 (Black)
Bob Bergene's buck.

Dam:   Bergene's Myakka - 4G11 (Black)
Out of Bob Bergene's stock.

I have great hopes for Elijah. He is a very cobby little guy.
Star's Kani

Born:   June 10, 2005

Sire:   Malibu Baybreeze - M367 (Black)
Out of Megan Kline's stock.

Dam:   Starlight's Wish - SR167 (Black)
My own stock.

Kani is very special as he is the product of a c-section. He is the last of a line that I am trying to keep around.
Malibu Baybreeze

Born:   June 2, 2004

Sire:   Hooper's K493 (Black)
Out of Kevin Hooper's stock.

Dam:   Hooper's K534 (Black)
Out of Kevin Hooper's stock.

I bought this awesome guy from Megan Kline and Can't wait to see what he produces!
Star's Gizmo

Born:   June 22, 2007

Sire:   Star's Kani (Black)
Out of my own stock

Dam:   Peter's Kenosha (Blue)
Out of Sue Peter's stock.

He has nice markings but is not showable.
He pulled his teeth out.
He will make a nice herd buck.


Star's Socks

Born:   July 17, 2003

Sire:   Buddy - SR131 (Blue)
My own stock.

Dam:   Lynn - LYN (Blue)
My own stock.

Socks is my own stock and I am very proud of him. He has a long stop, thus the name.

Born:   February 2, 2002

Sire:   Spike - SR107 (Blue)
My own stock.

Dam:   Lynn - LYN (Blue)
My own stock.

Casey is another from my own stock. He is a little, cobby guy and has some great babies.

Born:   ???

Sire:   ???

Dam:   ???

PJ was given to me by Paul Jurgelonis.
This little buck has great potential.


Hume's Jonah

Born:   December 31, 2005

Sire:   Emily's Smokey - EM15 (Gray)
Out of unknown stock.

Dam:   Old Glory's 92(Gray)
Out of unknown stock.

Jonah is a very sweet rabbit. I bought him at the Dutch Nationals in Apr. 2006 in PA. Opal is one of my favorite colors.

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